Mathieu Lucquiaud

  • Reader in Clean Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage - University of Edinburgh

Research interests

I am a Reader in Clean Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage in the School of Engineering where I provide the leadership and management to an internationally leading activity in the Institute for Energy Systems. My research vision is both fundamental and 'mission orientated' and aims at developing the energy and climate technologies necessary to achieve a zero-carbon society, with a focus on clean, low-carbon energy with Carbon Capture and Storage and carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere.

I maintain a portfolio of high-quality teaching activity in Thermodynamics, in Energy and in Carbon Capture and Storage, as the Course Organiser and Lecturer of two undergraduate courses and their respective MSc versions.

In 2018, I launched the first free online course on Climate Change and Carbon Capture and Storage. It is available on the platform EdX and is aimed at the general public.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the interface of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, combustion, and techno-economics. 

CO2 capture in thermal power stations

I focus on the thermodynamic integration of CO2 capture, innovative power cycles with CO2 recycling and the co-production of clean electricity and hydrogen with CO2 capture.

Flexible operation of CCS with renewables

This activity combines process modelling, novel process instrumentation, and pilot-scale testing at TRL5-6 for the flexible operation of capture technologies, a key feature to integrate CCS with variable renewable energy. This includes options to time-shift the energy penalty of CO2 for financial and electricity system benefits.

Low-cost gas/liquid contactors for carbon capture

I research a novel concept to contact combustion gases (or atmospheric air) with CO2 capture solvents using a prototype device. I develop new imaging techniques for liquid dispersion using electrical tomography and uses new bespoke fluid mechanic models.

Negative Emissions from Waste to Energy 

I coordinate a consortium of European partners establishing the first critical mass of R&D activities in the Waste to Energy sector. We intend to derisk close-to-commercial-deployment CO2 capture technologies in municipal waste incinerators and assess rigorously the potential for negative CO2 emissions in the sector. 

Current Research Interests

Ongoing research projects and research interests that I would like to pursue further

  • Synergies for clean electricity and clean hydrogen production zero-carbon industrial CCS clusters
  • Novel absorbers for carbon capture
  • Electrical tomography imaging of multi-phase flow with mass transfer in structured packing 
  • Cost reduction in Direct Air Capture
  • Engineering CO2 flow variability within CCS transport and storage networks 
  • Negative Emissions in the Waste to Energy Sector