• Associate Professor in Global Sustainable Development - University of Warwick

Research interests

I am Deputy Head of Global Sustainable Development, a transdisciplinary academic department at the University of Warwick. I am also thematic lead (Economic Sustainability) of Warwick's Sustainable Cities Global Research Priority.

I am an applied economist, interested primarily in the economics of poverty and inequality. With relation to climate change, I am interested in its socio-economic consequences, in particular on marginalised groups, women and vulnerable communities. I approach my research in an interdisciplinary manner, also incorporating aspects of social and environmental policy, political economy, labour and development studies.

I also have a keen interest in education for sustainable development and the design of pedagogies which empower the youth in the fight against global challenges such as climate change.

In addition to my academic career, I have several years’ experience in economic and policy consultancy and have worked with various private sector organisations, government and international bodies, both in the UK and abroad.