Mads Fischer-Moller

  • Professor, Food Policy - Scotland's Rural College

Research interests

I am Mads Fischer-Moller, appointed professor in food policy at SRUC from a previous career as food policy advisor to the Danish government (2009-2015) and most recently all five Nordic governments in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat (2015-2020).

In 2017-2020 I have also lead Nordic Food Policy Lab; an initiative aimed at curation “policy labs” where stakeholders gathered to heightening the level of ambition in global food policy not least when it comes to addressing challenges regarding food consumption and climate change (example: Some of the questions we have tried to answer are: “How do we bring conservative food systems stakeholders into a constructive conversation of food systems transformation?” “What tools does government have to change dietary habits towards more climate-friendly diets – without alienating consumers?”

With my move to Scotland I hope bring new ideas to the Scottish discussions on food, agriculture and climate; not least what can be done down-stream from the farm in terms of supply chain collaboration, food innovation and dietary change in order to meet Scotland’s and the worlds' ambitious climate targets. I have a strong international network and a very deep understanding of food policy in the Nordic countries that I hope can bring inspiration.