Luisa Ciampi

  • Researcher - The Walker Institue

Research interests

Luisa is an experienced Zimbabwean social researcher currently working as a post-doctoral research assistant at the Walker Institute with research expertise in gender and knowledge transfer. In her role at the Walker Institute, Luisa has worked on several interdisciplinary projects which have focused on fusing multiple disciplines to improve the climate resilience of people’s livelihoods across Africa.

Luisa also holds the role of managing the Walker Academy – the capacity building arm of the Institute. She has designed, build, and run several international training courses both in person and online .These courses have been aimed at and attended by students, practitioners, and policy makers from around the world. 

Luisa has completed her PhD on ‘Understanding circulations of dominant discourse in development interventions: The case study of Zimbabwean agricultural extension services’. This study is focused on determining how gender influences knowledge transfer processes, access and experience, including aspects such as media use and preference by users. Luisa designed, ran and managed her own field campaign and local research team to conduct participatory, gender sensitive research across three provinces of Zimbabwe. Luisa is well practiced with multiple data collection processes including discourse analysis, interviews, participatory workshops and reflection sessions. She is competent in both qualitative and quantitative analysis, and able to use most analysis software packages. 

Luisa has held numerous leadership posts, both professionally and academically, and has completed the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) course. 

Luisa has a wealth of experience in project design, implementation, co-ordination and management and is competent in data collection and analysis and working effectively with multiple international stakeholders. She has experience of conducting research in multiple countries across Africa including Senegal, Uganda and Zimbabwe. This wealth of experience in managing people, workloads and deadlines across a wide range of cultures means that Luisa is highly adaptable and sensitive to different cultural and social environments.