Leslie Mabon

  • Lecturer in Environmental Systems - Open University

Research interests

The core question my research addresses is whose knowledge counts when making decisions about climate change or the environment, and how different and potentially competing ways of knowing can be balanced within climate change policy and governance processes. I approach this question with a background in human geography and experience across the social sciences, supported by long-term collaborations with researchers across the natural sciences. I am especially interested in understanding climate change governance and policy at the local level, and work on three main topics:

(a) climate change adaptation governance at the urban or regional scale, with a particular focus on equity and justice issues within nature-based solutions;

(b) risk, environmental infrastructure and the coastal and marine environment. I am especially interested in how environmental change may impact upon socially and culturally meaningful activities, and what the effects of this may be;

(c) just transitions for high-emitting and carbon-intensive regions, where climate imperatives may have to be balanced with local concerns over employment and economic sustainability.