Kathi Kaesehage

  • Lecturer, Director of Research at the Center for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability - University of Edinburgh Business School

Research interests

Dr Katharina Kaesehage is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Edinburgh Business School where she organizes and teaches internationally-demanded postgraduate and MBA courses such as Business Strategies for Environmentally Suitable Future and Carbon & Environmental Consulting.

With her highly interdisciplinary research she is the director of research at the Centre for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability, where she explores the role of climate change for business strategies.

Kathi is specifically interested in how entrepreneurs and businesses can be potential frontrunners in attaining a low-carbon economy through their embeddedness in local societies.

For her research projects Kathi works closely with representatives from industry bodies, companies and governments such as Volvo, Costain, Edinburgh City Council, Zero Waste Scotland, the Scottish Institute for Remanufacture, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as well as the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) across the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, China, the USA and the Caribbean.

Kathi has presented her researchfindings at national and international conferences and her research has been published internationally such as in Financial Times (FT) 50 and ABS 3* listed journals and an award winning social entrepreneurship book.

She was instrumental in acquiring and implementing numerous research studies as co-investigator:

  • the Construction Climate Challenge 2016 (by Volvo) worth £283,490
  • a BHP Billiton grant worth £750,979 (2017)
  • an ESRC Newton Mexico Smart Cities Grant in 2018 worth £327,980
  • a Newton Fund Institutional Links Grant in 2018 worth £100,000
  • a British Academy Water Management for Climate Risk in Colombia in 2019 worth £100,000
  • a Newton Fund Impact Grant in 2020 worth £100,000
  • and most recently been awarded a grant worth £21,000 to investigate the Covid-19 practices for climate change adaptation across three countries in Central and South America.

Kathi is currently writing a book on leadership and climate changeunder Edward Elgar Publishing.