Katharine Steentjes

  • Research Associate - Centre for climate change and social transformations, Cardiff University

Research interests

Dr. Katharine Steentjes is an environmental psychologist at Cardiff University, where she is currently working as a project lead at the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST). She has worked on several international research projects examining public perceptions of environmental risks (such as climate change), support for related policy strategies and behavioural changes (adaptation & mitigation) and psychological factors underlying these views and actions. Katharine’s main expertise lies with quantitative research methods (cross-national/national surveys, experimental designs) but also mixed method approaches. Furthermore, she has a specific interest in empirically driven implications for effective climate change communication. Katharine’s particular research interest concerns social normative processes surrounding climate change, how norms are communicated interpersonally and how society (might) shift towards more sustainable lifestyles. 

Key skills and expertise:

  • Quantitative research methods, survey design and analysis
  • Experimental research tools, nationally representative and cross-national surveys (online, telephone, face-to-face) and novel visualisation techniques (e.g. to explain circular economy strategies).
  • Synthesis evidence across different research methods and disciplines
  • Evidencing and testing public climate change communication strategies
  • Public engagement with climate change (especially with young people/schools)