Kate Pahl

  • Professor of Arts and Literacy - Manchester Metropolitan University

Research interests

Working in Education as a field, I use social science methodologies such as visual methods, collaborative ethnography and research-creation to work with young people as co-researchers.

My research has been concerned with researching with, not on, children and young people in communities using co-production methodologies. I have written in the field of literacy and language education and arts pedagogies.

I have a background in working with diverse, multilingual young people with a focus on civic engagement. I have recently been awarded a grant as Principal Investigator from the NERC ‘Treescapes’ programme called ‘Voices of the Future’. This interdisciplinary research project will work with children and young people as researchers, together with scientists and academics from the universities of Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cumbria, Manchester Metropolitan, Middlesex and Sheffield. Our focus will be on constructing co-production opportunities with diverse children and young people to co-create curricula with teachers to provide a new language of belonging in treescapes. We will combine scientific experiments to measure the carbon capture of trees with co-production with children and young people to re-imagine the treescapes of the future.