Julia Martin-Ortega

  • Professor of Ecological Economics - University of Leeds

Research interests

Julia's research aims to further the understanding of the relationships of society and individuals with ecosystems and how policy can best make use of this understanding for the sustainable management of water and land resources. She specializes in inter and transdisciplinary research approaches of impact-oriented nature.

Three main research lines guide Julia's work:

  1. How to assess the impacts of changes in water ecosystems on human welfare. Julia looks at the multiple values of water ecosystem services and how they can be assessed. This includes working with natural scientists to couple the understanding of ecosystem change with its social outcomes.
  2. How economic tools and principles can best be applied for sustainable water management. Julia looks to integrate outputs of hydrological modelling and stakeholder knowledge into the economic analysis of water management. Her work in this area has mostly taken place in the context of the European Water Framework Directive and in relation to Payments for Ecosystem Services in Latin America.
  3. How ecosystems degradation compromises the capacity of communities to use and enjoy them and how communities adapt to these changes. This includes work on ecosystem services-based approaches and scenario planning, which she has applied to various contexts in Europe, Latin America and Africa.