Joseph Hubert Galani Yamdeu

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow - University of Leeds

Research interests

I am interested in research for more nutritious and safer food, improving farmers and consumers life, while preserving our environment, in this context of a climate changing world.

My research uses biochemical, analytical chemistry, plant pathology and molecular biology tools for:

  • reducing the health risk associated with food contaminants like pesticides residues, acrylamide, mycotoxins
  • increasing the nutritional quality and health-benefiting compounds in foods during post-harvest storage and processing
  • developing alternative methods for crop protection against pests and diseases
  • adapting agriculture and food systems to climate change

Within the Agricultural and Food-system Resilience: Increasing Capacity and Advising Policy (AFRICAP) project at the University of Leeds, I work on biochemical food safety for reducing maize contamination with aflatoxins and impact on consumer's health in Africa.