Johanna Forster

  • Lecturer in Environment and International Development - University of East Anglia

Research interests

I am an environmental social scientist, with expertise in interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research that cross-cuts contemporary international development issues around:

  • marine and coastal resource management and governance
  • climate change
  • hazards and risk

I specialise in understanding multi-level perceptions, knowledge and incentives and the associated implications for environmental decision-making and governance.

I have applied my research focus and made important contributions to international and UK-based research on governance of coastal and marine resources and food security, and cultural and historical influences on contemporary hazards, risk and exposure. More recently, I have expanded my focus to emerging energy technologies and land use. 

My work combines ecological, social and economic perspectives, quantitative and qualitative approaches, and I have undertaken extensive field-based research in the Caribbean and Pacific regions, and the UK.

I also have a long-term interest in science communication, with varied experience in public engagement of environmental change, as well as working at the science-policy interface, as evidenced by my work with Cefas and CCSUS, and as Marine Knowledge Exchange Network (MKEN) Director of Social-Ecological Interactions; and as Co-Lead for the Building Up Resilience Tyndall Research Theme. I am also a member of the Global Environmental Justice Research Group and Water Security Research Centre at UEA.