• Associate Professor in Mechanical & Marine Engineering - University Of Plymouth

Research interests

Research is focused on Advance Manufacturing; Sustanable Composites and Reducing Marine Pollution. 

Current projects

Increasing plastic recycling from fishing and reducing marine plastic waste. Critically looking to change Fishing nets to be recycle and replaced with environmentally degrading nets funded via EU InterregV Channel.

Research students projects, as Director of Studies

  • Effect of complex geometry on closed form FRP analytical methods, i.e., CLT, CBT, plate and shell deflection
  • Contaminates of Marine Polymers with reference to Additive Manufacturing
  • Improvement of the thermal properties of Fused Filament Fabricated co-polymers for use in extreme and high temperature environments’
  • Automation systems applied to traditional fishing methods used in boats to improve sustainability within ethical considerations and reduce fatalities and casualties
  • On-Orbit Manufacturing for Aerospace Structures 

Keen to work with employers on part-time studies, Manufacturing Apprenticeships, and part time PhDs.

Line Manager and Director of studies for Engineering Design for the Circular Plastics Economy Researchers (2020-2023) funded via The EU Interreg INDIGO project.