Jacqueline McGlade

  • Professor - Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London

Research interests

My current research interests include: 

  • nature based solutions to climate adaptation and mitigation, including social and economic valuation of agri-biodiversity systems under future climate scenarios supported by the German Government Climate Fund
  • artificial intelligence and data analytics connecting earth observations and ecosystem modelling
  • impacts of climate change on human and ecosystem health
  • development of the circular bioeconomy with a focus on agri-forestry systems in Africa, Small Island Developing States and the UK
  • emissions gap analysis and net zero policy emissions pathways and strategies
  • decision making under high uncertainity  

I am currently leading an international team (Australia, Germany, Kenya, UK) building a new user and statistical platform BexBox to extend BECCS to Biodiversity and Ecosystems with Carbon Capture and Sequestration to support land stewards meet targets under the Paris agreement.

In addition I am leading co-development of a  Prosperity Index, with communities experiencing climate change across the UK (England - Essex, London Boroughs, Warwick, Wales and Scotland), and in east Africa and the African Assembly of the IGP Transforming Tomorrow Initiaitive which aims to take societies from climate emergency to global propserity.