Isabell Richter

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on Perceptions and Behaviour Change - University of Plymouth

Research interests

Throughout my education as a psychologist, I mainly focused on social and environmental psychology. I absolved my Diploma in Germany on power and social dominance and environmental behaviour. Subsequently, I completed a PhD in Norway in sustainable (sea)food consumption. 

My main research focus is on applying theories for behaviour change to encourage pro-environmental actions and decision making. I have been working on projects looking at how psychological factors like norms, values, attitudes and perceptions influence behaviours that are relevant for marine conservation, sustainable development and consumer decision making.

In addition to Blue Communities, I am involved in projects working on plastic pollution, environmental communication, sustainable consumption and sustainable tourism.

Sub-project 12 of Blue Communities focuses on the development of alternative future scenarios and use them to encourage sustainable decision making in coastal communities in South East Asia.

We collaborate closely with stakeholders and members of local communities to reinforce a participatory process and co-creation of solutions involving health, social and ecological aspects. We co-create and evaluate effective communication approaches for sustainable development to a variety of audiences.