Irene Manzella

  • Lecturer in Engineering Geology and Geohazrds - University of Plymouth

Research interests

My personal drive in my research is rooted in a deep and enduring concern with how geo-environmental science and engineering can tackle pressing issues of sustainable development and societal well-being. 

With my current research, I am working to integrate new technologies and more traditional approaches to assess complex geo-environmental hazards including landslides, floods, contaminated land, volcanic tephra dispersal, tsunamis, and earthquakes. I combine experimental and numerical modelling with field studies, remote sensing, machine learning, and data analysis and I collaborate with colleagues from a broad spectrum of different disciplines to innovate our capability of predicting, monitoring, mitigating geo-environmental hazards and to tackle the new challenges our society is facing. I am also interested in risk communication and citizen engagement because this is central to the management and mitigation of risks and to strengthen community resilience to disasters.