Hossein Olya

  • Head of Marketing and Cultural Creative Industries - University of Sheffield

Research interests

My research interest includes climate change and consumer behaviour with a focus on behavioural change. I am leading a project on influencer marketing for promoting climate change action (https://whiterose.ac.uk/collaborationfunds/unleashing-the-power-of-influencer-marketing-to-stimulate-prosocial-causes/). I have developed an integrated model for sustainable recreation plan based on climate suitability. I also invented an index, called fuzz-based tourism climate index, that measure favourability of climate for tourism activities. I have proposed a framework for operationalisation of insurance for the tourism climate. Further information about my works is provided in the following publications and the model.

Key publications 

  • Olya, H.,Alipour, H., Peyravi, B., Dalir, S., (2019). Tourism climate insurance: implications and prospects, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 24 (4), 269-280. Doi: 1080/10941665.2018.1564338.
  • Olya, H. (2019). Overlooking Weather Conditions in Mega-Events Management. Current issues in tourism, 22(1), 16-20. doi: 1080/13683500.2017.1377160.  
  • Olya, H.,& Altinay, L., (2016). Asymmetric Modeling of Intention to Purchase Tourism Weather Insurance and Loyalty. Journal of Business Research. 69(8), 2791-2800. doi: 1016/j.jbusres.2015.11.015.
  • Katircioglu, S., Dalir, S., & Olya, H.,(2016). Is a Clean Development Mechanism Project Economically Justified? Case Study of an International Carbon Sequestration Project. Environmental Science and Pollution Research23 (1), 504-513. doi: 1007/s11356-015-5256-2.
  • Olya, H.& Alipour H., (2015). Modelling Tourism Climate Indices through Fuzzy Logic, Climate Research66 (1), 49-63. doi: 3354/cr01327.
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