Greg Marsden

  • Professor of Transport Governance - University of Leeds

Research interests

Greg has researched issues surrounding the design and implementation of new policies for over 20 years covering a range of issues but primarily focussed around transport, energy and climate change. Of particular relevance to COP, his research has covered:

  • carbon target setting at a local and national level
  • the potential for demand reduction to be part of an ambitious policy package
  • what factors enable local governments to be more ambitous in delivering carbon reduction
  • leading the definition of place-based decarbonisation policies, understanding how transitions work in different kinds of places.

Greg is the Transport Decarbonisation Champion for EPSRC, he co-chairs the Commission on Travel Demand which has published influential studies on travel demand and shared mobility. He is the Secretary General of the World Conference on Transport Research Society and the Chair of the Special Interest Group on Governance and Decision-Making.