• Lecturer - Cardiff University, Welsh School of Architecture

Research interests

Gabriela's main research interest is in the field of energy performance and building sustainability. Her work focuses on the human factors (people's actions, behaviours) that affect the performance of buildings. She has investigated human factors in performance and sustainability both in design process and in buildings in operation. Her work on existing buildings looks at the nexus between occupants' behaviours/practices, resulting indoor environment (thermal comfort in particular) and building performance. This aims to nudge behaviours/practices to address performance challenges.  Her work in design looks at how designers articulate and embed performance and sustainability requirements in the design process. This aims to identify lessons from design process to improve performance in later stages of the building life cycle.

My interest broadly spans in relation to the areas above, including:

  • Socio-technical perspectives & building performance evaluation techniques to analyse environmental and energy performance in buildings and built environment, with focus on users' perspectives
  • Socio-technical approaches to investigate (1) the nexus between occupants and resulting building performance and (2) design process and architectural practice
  • User studies in design and operational stages (occupant-building technologies; designers- energy/building performance, indoor environment, analysis of design tools and design process)
  • Design process studies focused on building performance, low energy design, sustainability in buildings, occupant-centred design