Evina Katsou

  • Reader in Civil & Environmental Engineering - Brunel University London

Research interests

  • Wastewater purification and resource recovery
  • Data driven analytics for monitoring, control and modelling in process industry
  • Circular Economy modelling.

The focus of my research is on the treatment of industrial and municipal effluents through the application of state-of-the-art biological and physicochemical processes.

I have successfully applied innovative techniques for the treatment of industrial wastewater including combined adsorption-filtration processes, membrane bioreactor – reverse osmosis (MBR-RO) systems, anaerobic MBRs, as well as fixed bed column packed with physical and regenerated minerals.

Currently, my work is concentrated on advanced biological nutrients removal from wastewater including the partial nitrification/denitrification and the complete autotrophic nitrogen removal (i.e. nitritation/anammox) processes. My research has developed a new dimension in deployment of advanced data analytics methods such as multivariate statistics, clustering techniques for dimensionality reduction, linear and non-linear supervised learning techniques, artificial neural networks, support vector machines, and simplified mechanistic equations to identify and reconstruct complex relationships between observed and latent process variables.

The models being developed in my research are leading to accurate measurement of GHGs emissions of treatment processes, and being adopted as indicator of measuring environmental impact in a number of industrial applications (e.g. water systems, process industry and manufacturing).