Sarah Birrell Ivory

  • Lecturer in Climate Change and Buisness Strategy - University of Edinburgh Business School

Research interests

I am the Director of the University of Edinburgh Business School's Centre for Business, Climate Change, and Sustainability (B-CCaS).

I am able to help find B-CCaS experts in all areas relevant to any areas relevant to our B-CCaS. My own research interests are:

  • Climate change and business strategy: the impact of climate change on business and of business on climate change; exploring the role of individuals in integrating climate change considerations into strategic decisions
  • Sustainability and business: how organisations scale sustainability to the strategic core; the barriers and enablers of corporate sustainability commitments, actions, and impacts; the importance of strategic agility in the organisations responses to wicked problems and the VUCA world
  • Purpose of business: exploring the role of business in creating and maintaining a just, sustainable, thriving, prosperous, and resilient society; drawing on historic contributions of business that have enhanced this, and also that had diminished this
  • Alternative forms of governance: exploring collegial and other forms of governance to replace more traditional forms, which is common in hybrid organisations but may hold applicability for more traditional businesses