Lucie Middlemiss

  • Associate Professor in Sustainability - Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds

Research interests

I have two key research interests:

Sustainable Consumption

The academic study of people's consumption patterns, and the potential for transformation of these patterns towards more sustainable and just consumption. The idea that we can 'reduce' consumption is problematic: consumption has meaning to people and to their relationships with others. Instead we need to transform consumption to allow people to sustain its role in their daily lives, while using up less materials.

Energy Poverty in the Global North

When people do not have access to adequate energy services. This is a big distributional justice issue in developed countries: when we talk about reducing home energy consumption we need to remember that some households already consume unhealthily low amounts of energy in cold countries. Living in the cold produces serious health conditions, and understanding the needs of this demographic is critically important to achieving just transitions.