David Sear

  • Professor - University of Southampton

Research interests

I lead a multi-disciplinary team of international experts including Worldpop population modelling group, working on Climate change impacts on natural hazards and community resilience in Small Islands. We include specialists in:

  • geohazards
  • coastal hazards (erosion and flooding)
  • river and rainfall flooding
  • offshore landslides

We also have social scientists and specialists in multi-hazard statistics and Geospatial modelling of complex systems. We have developed a Geospatial model of all tropical Pacific islands including all natural hazards, population and infrastructure, and data on vulnerability at 100m2 resolution for current and 1.5 and 2.0 degree scenarios. 

We are interested in using our data to support SIDS/BOST more widely and in developing distance learning and capacity building within SIDS drawing on the expertise in Southamptn Universty and UKHE more widely.

We have worked in Samoa, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Tonga, New Caledonia, Maldives and Carribean.

We have developed methods for understandong complex socio-ecological systems through work on the world's great deltas and rivers and are keen to develop and apply them further in Small Islands.