Darren Evans

  • Professor of Ecology and Conservation - Newcastle University

Research interests

I combine advances in ecological network analysis with DNA-metabarcoding to examine the impacts of environmental change on species-interactions and ecosystem functioning. I am currently studying the consequences of altered network structure on fungi, plant and animal populations, mainly within forest- and agro-ecosystems.

I have created a unique range of antagonistic, mutualistic and multilayer networks under different types of perturbation (simulated climate-warming, habitat modification, wildfire and artificial light at night (ALAN)). These are fully-replicated in space and time in order to examine variation in network structure and complexity within and between experimental treatments. I am particularly interested in using network theory to restore ecosystem functioning and resilience, with a focus on new metrics for biomonitoring. I am funded by the Royal Society, NERC, BBSRC and EU H2020.

My fundamental research has underpinned UK, EU and International policy, for example IPBES.