Daniela Schmidt

  • Professor - University of Bristol

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding the causes and effects of climate change on marine systems. My lab and I are aiming to study coasts as socio-ecological systems with benefits for society while protecting ecosystems and supporting biodiverstiy. We complement this work with analysis of climate change impacts on the open ocean. Therefore, we are working on a wide range of organisms including foraminifers, bivalves, bryozoans, and coralline algae. These organisms are ideal high resolution archives for climate change but also provide a wide range of ecosystem services.

I exploit the breadth of new and novel techniques to generate a holistic understanding of the threats of climate change on marine ecosystems. My lab produced the first  study on the effects of chemical and physical environmental change on the stability of marine organsims. These results highlight that, while physiological understanding is paramount to addressing the effects of environmental impact, a structural understanding is necessary to upscale to ecosystem services.

I am recognised as an expert in the biotic reactions of marine calcifiers to past climate change. I have transferred tools from a wide range of fields and am combing large morphometric datasets, CT scanning, and high resolution material properties. One of my research highlights was the characterisation of the unprecedented rate of change of past intervals of rapid environmental change and the biotic response to these changes.

I was a lead author of the 5th IPCC report WGII, an Expert Group Member of EU SAPEA on the topic "Food from the Oceans" and am the CLA for the IPCC WGII chapter on Europe for the 6th IPCC assessment.