• PhD Student - University of Central Lancashire

Research interests

The research seeks to examine what impact climate change may be having on the primary educational experience of children in rural India, through observing and recording the experiences and perspectives of three village communities in Maharastra State, India, over a twelve month period in 2021 / 22.

My personal experience of working voluntarily in Maharastra suggests, anecdotally, that the link between educational engagement and attainment and the changing climate exists and that this is particularly relevant for females, subsistence reliant families or those with limited skills.

This research project seeks to investigate the changing climate experiences of  families in rural Indian villages and identify what affect this may have had on their children’s educational experience.

In designing the research project, four key questions have been considered. These are:

1. What experiences have village inhabitants had in relation to climate change and what responses have been deployed by these families to limit or try and mitigate the impact of climate change?

2. What resulting choices / actions have families considered necessary for maintaining daily life, but which have had an impact on their children’s primary educational experience?

3. What impact have school leaders identified on pupils and what responses have they made – or need to make – to adapt to the ‘climate change factor’ affecting pupil experiences in their schools?

4. How do primary age children see the ‘climate change factor’ as impacting on their educational experience?