Christina Roggatz

  • Research Fellow - Energy & Environment Institute, University of Hull

Research interests

My research focuses on the effect of climate change on chemically mediated interactions of marine organisms and their functioning within ecosystems. By combining the fields of marine chemical ecology and computational modelling, I'm unravelling the effects of pH at chemical molecular level using a range of analytical, biological and quantum-chemical computational approaches.

We have recently shown that ocean acidification profoundly changes the molecules used by marine organisms to communicate and defend themselves. In conditions predicted for the year 2100, brood-care peptides of shore crabs are rendered non-functional and two of the most potent biotoxins will increase in toxicity by up to 30%.

Currently, I'm working on the effect of pH and temperature changes on the chemical communication within marine biofilms and the implications for sediment stability.

Besides my research activities, I strive to make my findings accessible by communicating them in an easy-to-understand way to the broader public and particularly engage children. I act as a scientific advisor to The Deep, a large aquarium in Hull, UK, where I co-curated the latest exhibit entitled 'Changing Seas' and I created a school activity together with colleagues to take our research straight to the classroom.