Charmaine Morrell

  • Head of Sustainability - Nottingham Trent University

Research interests

Research interests

At Nottingham Trent University we are working with our partners and funders around five key research themes that aim to respond to a range of challenges in business, industry, the professions and society.

In each research area, our experts collaborate across disciplines to overcome challenges and uncover solutions to real-world problems. Our research themes and their key areas of focus are:

Sustainable Futures focuses on:

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Ecosystem Sustainability
  • The Built Environment and Sustainable Mobility
  • Behaviour, Values and Norms
  • Leadership, Governance, Participation and Policy

Safety and Security of Citizens and Society focuses on:

  • Crime, Terrorism and Public Safety
  • Food safety and security
  • Environmental risks and safe ecosystems
  • Future Technology
  • Exclusion/Marginalisation/Inequality/Human Rights
  • Safe and Secure Businesses and Economies
  • Safe and Secure Health Systems

Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials focuses on:

  • Patient and environmental sensors and detectors
  • Thin film technologies for interactive and dynamic materials
  • Biomaterials and Biocompatibility
  • Cellular therapies and cell biology
  • Smart medical textiles and medical microbiology
  • Robotics and their use in healthcare

Global Heritage: Science, Management and Development focuses on:

  • The physical sciences, computing and engineering
  • Architecture, urban planning and history
  • Heritage management and development
  • Literature and the arts
  • Science and engineering
  • Social sciences and cultural economics

Health & Wellbeing focuses on:

  • Personal wellbeing
  • Occupational well-being
  • Societal wellbeing
  • Trauma
  • Isolation
  • Mental health

In addition to our Research Themes, we also have Research Peaks. Our Research Peaks exemplify our core research hallmarks as a University. A Peak highlights what we do best, and what we are globally known for.

As our first Research Peak, Cultural Heritage demonstrates significant disciplinary breadth, bringing together scientific methods for analysing and preserving heritage with an understanding of the cultural context. Research within our Cultural Heritage peak spans archaeology, art history, history, art conservation, architecture, literature, social sciences, and art and design and science and technology disciplines. 

With international recognition for their work in this area, Professor Gamal Abdelmonem and Professor Haida Lang lead the Peak and oversee a multidisciplinary team of researchers operating within this area.