• Associate Professor of Glaciology - University of Plymouth

Research interests

My research interests are focussed around glacial meltwater and changes to the production and availability of meltwater in response to a changing climate. I am interested in both:

  • the pathways of meltwater and its relationship to the dynamics and stability of the Earth's glaciers and ice sheets
  • and in the impact of retreating glaciers for downstream water quality and availability

I have experience in glaciological research in Greenland, Arctic Sweden, Canana, Iceland, Peru, and the European Alps.

My current research projects are about water resources in glacier-fed catchments, including the transport of legacy anthropogenic pollutants through the glacial hydrological system. This work is supported by research funding from NERC (Newton Fund), the Royal Geographical Society, and the EU INTERACT program, and applies an interdisciplinary approach to assess the impacts of changing meltwater availability on water security and environmental quality downstream of glaciated catchments under shifting patterns of climate and land use.