Ania Zalewska

  • Professor of Finance - University of Bath

Research interests

I am a Financial Economist (with a strong background in Mathematics; I have a PhD in Mathematics from the Polish Science Academy and PhD in Financial Economics from the London Business School) interested in issues related to the development of financial markets and the role of regulation in promoting it.

My research interests are

  • how market risk changes in various sectors and how regulation affects it
  • investment practices of institutional investors
  • managerial incentives
  • impact of financial technology on market structures and risk taking

I have worked on various research projects for numerous UK governmental and regulatory bodies (e.g., National Infrastructure Commission, BEIS,  DECC, FSA, Competition Commission, Her Majesty Revenue and Customs) and consulting groups (e.g., Water UK, Indepen Consulting Ltd., National Economic Research Associates). For instance, my research into the impact of regulatory changes on the market risk of utilities and green energy suppliers has influenced the regulatory responses to achieving Net Zero 2050 targets by lowering cost of meeting renewable targets and improving the mix of renewable energy generation. The research has also informed changes to regulatory duties set out by the National Infrastructure Commission to facilitate future investment in infrastructure.