Andrew Yool

  • Lead model developer, marine biogeochemistry - National Oceanography Centre, Southampton


Research interests

I am a marine biogeochemistry modeller. The focus of my research is the major elemental cycles in the ocean (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen), and how these are governed by biological and physical processes in the ocean. I typically study these cycles using marine biogeochemistry models embedded within 3D physical ocean models.

Latterly, the models I use have formed the marine component of the UK's Earth System Model, UKESM1. This model is a participant in activities in support of the IPCC's Assessment Report 6. Working within UKESM1 links our marine models to the atmosphere and to the land, allowing us to understand how changes in climate, both natural and anthropogenic, may affect the ocean and its biology.

Our marine biogeochemistry models contain significant uncertainties, and an important part of my research is understanding how these may affect how ocean processes into the future. A component of my work is collaborating with colleagues on translating change in the ocean into impact on human socioeconomic systems.