Alex De Pinto

  • Professor of Climate Change and Food Security - University of Greenwich

Research interests

Emerging evidence suggests that the likelihood development interventions have long-lasting positive impacts increases when they jointly address multiple objectives such as those related to mitigation and adaptation to climate change, gender equity and improving nutrition.

Interventions that do not follow a more holistic approach and focus only on one particular aspect of development risk to unintentionally miss trade-offs across well-being outcomes, exclude vulnerable groups, or even increase the marginalization and vulnerability of others.

This is why Professor De Pinto currently conducts research at the intersection of climate change, gender and nutrition. Throughout his research career, he has also worked on providing support for the design of policies that promote sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable economic development.

In order to make domestic environmental policies viable, the well-being and priorities of many local actors (notably, smallholder farmers and producer organizations) must be taken into account as well as the exogenous, macro-scale forces related to global markets and biophysical changes such as climate change.

Dr. De Pinto has worked extensively on developing modelling techniques that connect local issues (using local data sets such as household surveys) with forces that act domestically as well as globally such as climate change and global markets.