• Art and Design Lecturer - University of the Highlands and Islands - Inverness College

Research interests

My research work has always focused on the creative exploration of places and on investigating how histories from the past, as well as myths and forgotten traditions, permeate the space around us and possibly shape the way we interact with it.

In previous research projects, I have investigated the interconnection between visible and invisible geographies, between narratives of the past and territory, between tangible and intangible heritage.

I believe that how we perceive and contemplate places affects the way we treat them, and ultimately impacts how we live within them. Reconnecting with stories from the past, legends, beliefs and local traditions concerning specific spaces and places would help us develop a deeper awareness of the territory, and consequently a more thorough interconnection with it.

I also believe that encouraging people to discover the narratives of the past(s) and present(s) through a multilayered investigation of the historical ‘stories’ that shape the contemporary geography and culture of a region fosters a more sustainable living and a desire for the conservation of the environment. Awareness often helps in generating respects.

In my work, I blend pure and applied research. Creative and practice-based research methods are also an essential component of my research. I am particularly interested in developing and being involved in interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural projects. In the past, I have collaborated with anthropologists, ethnologists, sociologists and scientists in Europe, South and Southeast Asia and the US.

I aim at communicating my research outcomes to a wide and diversified audience and using a variety of media. As a scholar and artist, I am particularly interested in interactive storytelling and in the use of visual and material artefacts, as well as new media technologies to communicate my research outcomes.