Adam Pellegrini

  • University Lecturer, Department of Plant Sciences - University of Cambridge

Research interests

My research seeks to answer fundamental questions in ecosystem ecology that centre around the response of ecosystems to disturbance, especially their capacity to storage carbon.

The goal is to integrate large-scale experiments with theory and ecosystem models to better understand carbon cycling. This understanding is applied to management issues such as how soils serve to sequester carbon in ecosystems and the potential for fire to be usedf as a nature-based solution.

My work spans ecosystems in Africa, South America, and the United States to try to ascertain how ecosystems respond to fire. We use large-scale fire manipulation experiments combined with advances in ecosystem models to answer our questions. Current research topics centre around:

  • Can fire management create an opportunity for nature-based solutions?
  • How resilient are western US forests to changing fire regimes?
  • What biogeochemical changes in soils either buffer against or accelerate ecosystem carbon and nutrient losses?
  • How do plant traits modify the effect of fire on ecosystems?
  • What are global patterns in how ecosystems respond to fire across the tropics?