• Hallsworth Research Fellow - University of Manchester

Research interests

  • Trade, value chains and the environment: the role of green and environmental standards and certificaitons, measuring enrionmental upgrading in trade and global value chains; and unpacking implications on socities and communities; building resilience in communities and industry 
  • Trade and the environment: border carbon adjustments and other trade instruments ( e.g. tariffs, etc) to adapt and mitigate implicaitons of enviornmental degradation 
  • Digitalisation and the environment: circular economy and trade, bio-printing and implicaitons on agtech/foodtech; foodtech and the expansion of small and medium enterprises in value chains, big data and the environment
  • Green industrial policy and sustainability: greening growth and implcaitions on industrial policies and regional trade 
  • Green gender gaps: ways to overcome green gender divides, and implications on development