About us

The UK Universities Climate Network is a growing group over 80 UK-based universities and research centres working together to deliver a low carbon, resilient world.

We enable collaboration across the UK academic sector to advance climate action nationally and internationally. We do this by disseminating climate change research and analysis, conducting evidence-based public engagement, and sharing evidence for climate action with policymakers, such as UK Government officials, to support the integration of science and policy.

We first assembled in Autumn 2019 as the COP26 Universities Network with a goal to ensure the academic sector played its role in delivering a successful UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November 2021. We carried out an extensive work programme in the lead up to the conference to create momentum, engage public and business audiences, and provide support to the UK Government. Highlights of our work include:

  • Leading and partnering on seven events at COP26, including a Green Zone stand showcasing a variety of activities to engage the public and highlight unique role of the academic community in climate action.
  • Coordinating and publishing a series of 13 briefing papers on key climate change topics by over 100 authors from member universities.
  • Partnering with universities in Italy to plan, organise and deliver a virtual Climate Exp0 conference, held May 2021, which featured over 700 live and pre-recorded presentations, and had over 5,300 attendees from more than 150 countries.
  • Engaging with the UK Government, including through holding a series of roundtable discussions with government representatives based on our briefing papers.

We became the UK Universities Climate Network in March 2022 and will continue our work in the lead up to COP27 and beyond. Our Secretariat is based at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College London.