Stable Isotope Laboratory

The laboratory provides carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur isotope measuring facilities. We house a large range of stable isotope instrumentation and vacuum preparation systems of vintages spanning three decades. We provide:

  • Direct experience of progressive developments in stable isotope chemistry and mass spectrometry over the last thirty years.
  • Manual-set-up mass spectrometers and "hands on" techniques providing teaching tools for students and complementing the modern "black box and keyboard" systems.
  • Back up of automated rapid throughput systems by basic benchmark "gold standard" reference material calibration capability

Researchers from the universities within the SUERC consortium can access the laboratories to carry out their own analyses under the training and supervision of the Stable Isotope Laboratory staff.  For those from institutions that are not directly affiliated to SUERC, access to the laboratory and analytical services can be negotiated at commercial rates.  In addition, much of our analytical capability is accessible through the NERC Isotope Community Support Facility and the East Kilbride Node of the NERC Life Sciences Mass spectrometry Facility; please access the NERC Facility pages on our site to see if the analyses you require could be supported through NERC National Capability.
In cases where projects involve a small amount of samples, analyses are carried out by stable isotope laboratory staff on a collaborative and/or commercial basis as agreed by our head of facility.

All initial enquiries should be made to Adrian Boyce (email Adrian)