PhD Student, Isotope Geology

Telephone: 01355 270145


I am a NERC funded PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Fin Stuart and Dr. Darren Mark. I am based in the noble gas isotope laboratories, SUERC. I am currently studying the influence of rock chemistry on different cosmogenic nuclide production rates (relative to what theoretical calculations predict). I am analyzing cosmogenic 3He production rates in olivine and pyroxene from xenoliths collected at Mount Hampton and Mount Cumming, Antarctica. Advanced Mass Spectrometry (e.g., Thermo Fisher HELIX-SFT) is been used to determine variations in cosmogenic 3He production rates. SEM and electron microprobe analyses have be performed in order to obtain accurate chemical composition of the minerals studied. This study will be extended to a comparison of 21Ne and 10Be production rate.


Research Interests

  • Production rate of cosmogenic isotopes and calibration at different latitudes
  • Cosmogenic isotopes dating and its application on volcanology and landscape evolution
  • 40Ar/39Ar dating of basalts for cosmogenic nuclide production rate studies