Life Science Mass Spectrometry Facility

SUERC hydrogen reduction chromium furnace

Designed by Terry Donnelly in 1998 (SUERC)
Manufactured to his specification by Crosshill Services (Auldhouse, Scotland)

The chromium reduction furnace is attached by flexi stainless steel tubing to inlet port A5 on our Micromass Optima. The furnace normally operates at a temperature of 830°C. The temperature controller on the LHS of the housing shows a temperature of 316°C and the letters rP underneath the temperature. As the photograph was taken while degassing the furnace by ramping the temperature up slowly (1°C per minute) using a programmable temperature controller.

In photos 2 and 3, the front panel of the protective housing have been removed to show the furnace set-up in more detail. The furnace tube is a 70 mm length of 12mm OD quartz tubing terminating at the base in 6mm OD to fit onto the Cajon Ultra Torr Unions A small plug of quartz wool to retain the chromium powder (100 mesh Aldrich product code 26,626-4) is inserted at the base of the tube prior to filling with approximately 16 grams of chrome.
The O-ring on the top Ultra Torr Union is replaced by a septum (SGE 11mm OD Auto Sep), through which the 1µl water sample is injected using a 10µl liquid syringe. The furnace is heated by a Watlow jacket heater. The NUPRO valve has been fitted to allow us to change the furnace without letting the stainless steel tubing up to atmosphere.