The East Kilbride node, hosted by SUERC, East Kilbride, is a member of the three-node NERC Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry Facility. The other nodes are the Bristol node, hosted by Bristol University and the Lancaster node hosted by the University of Lancaster. The LSMSF exists to provide access for scientists in the biological, environmental and other sciences to training and research facilities, offering a comprehensive suite of stable isotope techniques and expertise. The three nodes have merged to provide a more integrated approach to serving the mass spectrometric needs of the UK ecological community. The East Kilbride node specialises in stable isotope ecology, but particularly animal ecology proposals including foodweb and animal migration investigations, the Lancaster node manages plant ecology and soil science projects, and the Bristol node specialises in ecological and archaeological applications involving the mass spectrometric and separation of organic compounds derived from biological and environmental matrices.

In 2010 SUERC invested in a new building to house the LSMSF and the ICSF laboratories and staff. This provided the node with much increased laboratory space better suited to both general sample analysis as well as more developmental/experimental work. The overall experience for visiting users of the Facility is much improved, in particular enabling us to provide more focussed training for our student users with the purchase of a large LCD touchscreen.

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Service Review 2008 (marks out of 5)

Need UniquenessQuality of ServiceQuality of Science and TrainingAverage
 5.0 4.5 5.0 5.0 4.88


Service Review 2003 (marks out of 5)

NeedUniquenessQuality of ServiceQuality of Science and TrainingAverage
 5.0 5.0  5.0 5.0  5.0


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Note: the next deadline for applications will be April 24th 2019; however early contact with the node is advisable. The LSMSF steering committee will meet approximately six weeks later, and outcomes will be mailed to applicants shortly afterwards.