NERC Argon Isotope Facility

NERC Argon Isotope Facility

The NERC Argon Isotope Facility (AIF) is funded by competitive bid through the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Services and Facilities.

Our Facility offers access to all UK University and Institute departments to SUERC's international-class suite of noble gas mass spectrometers, through NERC peer-reviewed application or approved pilot study.

Dr Darren Mark manages the Facility with the support of a Facility Scientist and two dedicated Facility Technicians.

The British Geological Survey administers the NERC Earth Science Sector Services & Facilities and details of the application process (and downloadable application form and guidance notes) can be found via the link below.

NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities


Next NIGFSC deadline: 30th March 2016


Please contact Dr Darren Mark directly to discuss projects and future research collaborations (

One of the principal tasks of the AIF is to train the next generation of scientists (PhD students and project PIs) who undertake extensive programmes of argon isotope analyses resulting from NIGFSC approved projects.