International Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Accountable to: SHAIPI Executive Management Group
Aims and Purpose: Consider the outputs and Annual workplan for SHAIPI ensuring high level research of an International standard is being delivered.
Objectives and responsibilities: The International Advisory Group will report to and deliver a report, including recommendations, to the Executive Management Group.

In doing this it will:
•    seek assurance that the Consortium has delivered robust high level research of an International standard over the previous year.
•    seek assurance that future work plans are scientifically credible, and of a standard likely to deliver Internationally recognised work.
•    will advise the Executive group on matters of research direction, timeliness and value for money.
Group membership:

Chair Prof Alison Holmes
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

•    Prof Bill Hanage, Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health
•    Prof Hajo Grundmann,  Chair for Infectious Diseases Epidemiology at the University of Groningen
•    Dr Daniela De Angelis Cambridge Infectious Diseases Programme Leader: MRC Biostatistics Unit:
•    Dr Michael A. Borg, University of Malta, Head of Departments of Infection Control & Sterile Services, Mater Dei Hospital. National coordinator for several EU surveillance projects including ESAC, IPSE, ARPAC as well as EARSS.


Decision making process: Decisions will normally be achieved through consensus. Otherwise, a simple majority vote may be taken.
Quorum:    Quorum will consist of 3 members plus chair.
Frequency of meetings:    The group will meet annually.
Support: Secretariat support will be provided by the SIRN Network Manager.
Review Date: The terms of reference and membership will be reviewed by the group annually.
Conflict of interest All members of the Group will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest. Any action to be taken on the basis of these declarations will be at the discretion of the Chair.
When key decisions are being made, appropriate governance arrangements will be put in place.
Confidentiality Records of meetings and the discussions held, decisions and recommendations made will be kept on file by the SIRN Network Manager in line with its normal practices. This information will be available to the public and other interested parties in line with current legislation.

The International Advisory Group will from time to time be asked to consider, discuss or review material that, for reasons such as commercial confidentiality, is required to remain confidential.  Members will be clearly notified where material is of this nature and will, by virtue of their membership of the International Advisory Group and agreement to these terms of reference, agree to keep such material confidential.


Head of Departments of Infection Control & Sterile Services, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta