Implementation Group Terms of Reference

Accountable to:

SHAIPI Executive Group
Aims and Purpose: Develop, implement and deliver on the Annual workplan for SHAIPI. To support and act in a co-ordinated fashion to enable the delivery of the SHAIPI Consortium aims.
Objectives and responsibilities: The Implementation Group  will be responsible for the collective delivery of the SHAIPI outputs:

In doing this it will:

•    Report annually to the SHAIPI Executive Group on progress against agreed outputs
•    Develop and present an annual programme of work to the Executive Group that is scientifically credible, patient focussed and achievable
•    Report to Executive Group on progress and use of resources
•    Ensure decision making is timely, transparent, objective and evidence based
•    Co-ordinate work to maximise delivery timelines and unification of effort in achieving SHAIPI agreed goals
Group membership: •    Professor Alistair Leanord (Chair)
•    Professor Jacqui Reilly (CI)
•    Professor Tom Evans (CI)
•    Professor Matt Holden (CI)
•    Professor Chris Robertson (CI)
Decision making process: Decisions will normally be achieved through consensus. Otherwise, a simple majority vote may be taken.
Quorum: Quorum will consist of 3
 members plus chair.
Frequency of meetings: It is envisaged that the group will meet monthly. This will be kept under review.
Support: Secretariat support will be provided by the SIRN Network Manager.
Review Date: The terms of reference and membership will be reviewed by the group annually.
Conflict of interest    All members of the Group will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest. Any action to be taken on the basis of these declarations will be at the discretion of the Chair. When key decisions are being made, appropriate governance arrangements will be put in place.
Confidentiality Records of meetings and the discussions held, decisions and recommendations made will be kept on file by the SIRN Network Manager in line with its normal practices. This information will be available to the public and other interested parties in line with current legislation.