Volume 61, number 1

Volume 61, number 1

Edited by Tim Bergfelder


ANDREW SHAIL: The Biograph ‘anomaly’

PAOLA MAGANZANI and STEPHEN SHAROT: Transnational cinema and cultural adaptation in early 1930s Europe: the four language versions of ‘The Private Secretary’

TOM CUNLIFFE: Lung Kong’s Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: the 1967 riots and the politics of cultural production in the Hong Kong film industry

AYLISH WOOD: Mad Max: Fury Road and the toxic storm: the transcalar possibilities of digital images

LUKE ROBINSON: Midi Z, network aesthetics from below, and the cultural politics of Taiwanese subimperialism

Dossier: The complex materiality of amateur cinema research: texts, archives and digital methods


CHARLES TEPPERMAN: The Amateur Movie Database

PAUL FRITH and KEITH M. JOHNSTON: Beyond place: rethinking British amateur films through gender and technology-based perspectives

DWIGHT SWANSON: Amateur cinematics: Watson and Webber’s The Fall of the House of Usher

KARAN SHELDON: The archival sand pile: questions from the surviving films

SUSAN AASMAN: Unlocking multiple histories of amateur media: from micro- to macro-histories