Current issue

Current issue

Volume 59, number 4

Edited by Dimitris Eleftheriotis



ANNE EAKIN MOSS: The permeable screen: Soviet Cinema and the fantasy of no limits

WILLIAM FYSH: ‘The little crystal eye would not blink’: Jean Rouch and the camera eye witness

PANSY DUNCAN: Exploded views: early cinema and the spectacular logic of the explosion

BROOKS HEFNER: ‘Gettin’ on with these furriners’: silent Western epics and American identity

LYDIA PAPADIMITRIOU: Film distribution in Greece: formal and informal networks of circulation since the financial crisis

dossier: Forms of Multilingualism

TIJANA MAMULA: Introduction

ABRAHAM GEIL: Between gesture and physiognomy: ‘universal language’ and the metaphysics of film form in Béla Balázs’s Visible Man

SARAH COOPER: Meshes of muteness: Maya Deren’s languages

KARLA OELER: The sound of pomegranates: poetic cinema as a foreign language

TIJANA MAMULA: Denis Villeneuve, film theorist; or, cinema’s arrival in a multilingual world


THOMAS SUTHERLAND: Thomas Elsaesser, Film History as Media Archaeology: Tracking Digital Cinema

SARAH ARTT: Jennifer L. Feeley and Sarah Ann Well (eds), Simultaneous Worlds: Global Science Fiction Cinema