Current issue

Current issue

Volume 60, number 3

Edited by Alison Butler


GRAZIA INGRAVALLE: Allegories of the past: nitrate film’s aura in postindustrial Rochester, NY

ANGELOS KOUTSOURAKIS: Modernist belatedness in contemporary slow cinema

JOHN POWERS: Moving through stasis in Stan Brakhage’s Passage Through: A Ritual

STEVE PRESENCE: Organizing counter-cultures: challenges of structure, organization and sustainability in the Independent Filmmakers Association and the Radical Film Network

Dossier: Audiovisual pedagogies

MATTHEW SOLOMON: Introduction: the inexhaustible text

VINCENT LONGO: Essay production as media production: methodologies for teaching and creating audiovisual scholarship

JENNIFER PROCTOR: Teaching avant-garde practice as videographic research

JANET BERGSTROM: Empowerment: creating analytical, archivally based audiovisual essays

Research note

CHRISTINE GLEDHILL, RONA MURRAY and EMMA SANDON: Doing women’s film and television history: The Women’s Film and Television History Network UK/Ireland


RAYNA DENISON: Christopher Bolton, Interpreting Anime; Thomas Lamarre, The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation and Game Media

TIAGO DE LUCA: Janine Marchessault: Ecstatic Worlds: Media, Utopias, Ecologies

JOSHUA GLEICH: John David Rhodes: Spectacle of Property: The House in American Film

JAMES JONES: Julian Hanich, The Audience Effect: On the Collective Cinema Experience