Friends of SCENE

Clyde River Foundation

SCENE staff and facilities were instrumental in helping the Clyde River Foundation to deliver Clyde in the Classroom 2012 when a problem with the usual, local suppliers meant that trout eggs had to be sourced from the north of England.  We use the eggs in small batches and, to minimise the travel associated with this, staff at SCENE built and maintained an egg incubation system in a controlled temperature room at SCENE.  This assistance was critical to the successful delivery of Clyde in the Classroom to 1721 children from 70 classes across the Clyde catchment.

Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust

An environmental charity that champions the conservation and restoration of Loch Lomond's native fish populations, their habitats and the freshwater environment.


Scottish Natural Heritage is a statutory advisor to the Scottish Government, and its role in freshwater aquaculture is to encourage the aquaculture industry to be sustainable in both environmental and socio-economic terms, and to maintain or enhance nature and landscapes.

Glasgow Natural History Society

The Society exists to encourage the study of natural history, principally in the West of Scotland.