Past Lectures & Seminars

The Poverty Research Network has been proud to host a series of distinguished guest speakers and lecturers. These have included:

Steven Serels - 17 January 2017

Steven Serels (Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin), ‘Rethinking the Link Between Poverty and Colonialism: the African Red Sea Littoral since the Nineteenth Century’


Jonathan Vickery - 30 November 2016

Jonathan Vickery (Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick), ‘Understanding Poverty as Aesthetic Deprivation: empirical and theoretical issues’


Jonathan Glennie - 18 May 2016

Jonathan Glennie (Director of Policy & Research, Save the Children UK)‘The end of the beginning: Development cooperation in a new era’


Jason Hickel - 10 March 2016

Inaugural Lecture: Jason Hickel (LSE)‘Rethinking Development: How the aid industry misses the point about poverty’