Outline of Moshan Lab

The Moshan Blockchain Lab at the University of Glasgow, officially launched in October 2021, is a collaboration between researchers from the University’s James Watt School of Engineering and Zhejiang Victory Bench (VB) Hyperledger. The lab is setting out to find ways to make blockchain technology better-suited for high-volume applications, and potentially more environmentally friendly.

Research background and scope

Originally proposed as the backbone technology of bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain has become a revolutionary decentralised data management framework that can transform the way in which we share information. It offers immutable, transparent, secure and auditable ledger in a trust-less distributed environment, to verify the integrity and traceability of information/assets during their life cycle. Moreover, without a central authority’s involvement, blockchain-enabled smart contracts can significantly reduce manual interventions and thus improve efficiency.

In order to make this radically disruptive technology viable for various vertical sectors, there are several issues to be addressed, such as node scalability (because of the bandwidth burden), user privacy issues (because of the transparency feature), and the high performance p2p discover and chain building protocols and algorithms. This joint lab aims to address the above challenges and apply blockchain technology to many industry sectors.

For more details about the team's research on blockchain, please visit here.

Lab Members

There are 5 academics and 1 research associate from the University of Glasgow, who will work with their counterparts at VB Hyperledger to develop new algorithms for use on the blockchain – the decentralised, international digital ledger system which allows users to securely store, verify and exchange information.

  • Academics (From University of Glasgow)


Prof. Lei Zhang (Director)                  Prof. Muhammad Ali Imran


Dr. Oluwakayode Onireti              Dr. Yao Sun                     Dr. Lina Mohjazi

  • Industry Member

Bo Wang is the Founder and Chairman of Victory Bench Hyperledger Technology Co., Zhejiang, China (VB Hyperledger). VB Hyperledger aims to continuously innovate and create blockchain underlying technology to achieve the standards of commercial applications through technical manners. The novel blockchain underlying technology is the backbone to build a public infrastructure for the global credible digital era and further facilitates the large-scale commercialisation of blockchain.



Wang Baochun is the CEO and Chief System Architect of VB Hyperledger. Baochun specialises in the design and development of high-performance, high-availability and high-stability system blockchain architecture. He has designed and implemented several telecom-grade distributed business systems. He has published dozens of patents and led the research and development of several world-class blockchain systems, which have been recognised and issued certificates by many global authorities, such as the CECI Lab of China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Furthermore, his research includes the applications of blockchain in smart devices, autonomous driving, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sectors. The research outcomes include blockchain smartphones, blockchain smart wearable devices, IoT+ blockchain, etc.

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