Poet in residence: Tawona Sithole

Poet in residence: Tawona Sithole


I am better known as Ganyamatope, being a son from the ancestral family Moyo Chirandu. Over the ages, my family’s values have been maintained and expressed through the spoken word and mbira music.  From Zimbabwe, living in Glasgow, sharing my heritage with others highlights lesser-known perspectives of my experience as an African.  Using traditional influences, I have developed a contemporary style of expression, often using humour to challenge stereotypes.

I am co-founder of Seeds of Thought non-funded arts group, which involves creative writing, performance, music and art; often collaborating with other writers/artists. We try to make poetry and spoken word entertaining to those who wouldn’t normally take interest, through our regular performance events at the CCA.

Monthly Music/Performance: Seeds of Thought at the CCA