Our expertise

As a network, we support and encourage the following areas of interest and expertise:

  • Current thinking on motivations for migration, asylum and refugees, in relation to decisions to move, experiences in Scotland and longer term decisions regarding settlement or return
  • Factors influencing patterns of movement including climate; sustainability; social justice; violence
  • Cultural, economic, social and political aspects of transnationalism as these relate to both migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and local populations
  • Legal and social policy on migration, asylum and refugees in Scotland and in the context of devolution
  • Health, well-being, social security and care
  • Narratives of migration, asylum and refugees in art, literature, film, drama and the creative industries
  • Implications for education: schooling, higher and community education
  • Language, intercultural and linguistic issues, including translation and interpreting
  • Psychological consequences of migration and asylum
  • Implications for faith communities and interreligious dialogue
  • Implications for security issues and policing
  • Cross-border migration