Working Papers

Civic Education Interventions:

"Can Online Civic Education Induce Democratic Citizenship? Experimental Evidence from a New Democracy," (Finkel, S., Neundorf, A., and E. Ramirez). Under Review. [Working Paper]

"Democratic citizenship through adult civic education? A systematic review and meta-analysis," (Finkel, S., Lim, J., Neundorf, A., Ozturk, A. and  D. Shephard). In progress. [Registration]

Authoritarianism and popular support:

‘A loyal base? Authoritarian system support in times of crisis: The case of Turkey’ (Neundorf, A., Gerschewski, J., Northmore-Ball, K., Ozturk, A. and K. Tertytchnaya). In progress. Presented at EPSA 2021. [Registration

‘Indoctrination as a Tool of Authoritarian Politics’ (Neundorf, A., Nazrullaeva, E., Northmore-Ball, K. and K. Tertytchnaya). In progress. [Working Paper presented at APSA 2021]

‘Nostalgia and the threat to democracy’ (Elçi, E. and A. Neundorf ). In progress. [Registration]


‘Recruiting Research Participants through Facebook: Assessing Facebook Advertisement Tools’ (Neundorf, A. and A. Ozturk). Under review. Presented at POLMETH Europe 2021 and GOR 2021. [Registration] [Working Paper]

‘Using Facebook Advertisements to Recruit Hard-to-Reach Populations: A Study on the Advertisement Content’ (Neundorf, A. and A. Ozturk). In progress. [Registration]